Dream of: 29 August 1993 "Bigamy"

While married to Yonis, I began seeing Louise again. Louise had separated from Vernon and was living alone in a nice apartment. I spent the night with her in her apartment and enjoyed sleeping next to her in the same bed. She lay close to me and when she wrapped her legs around one of my legs, I thought she might want to have sex with me. It was odd how the two of us hadn't spoken in such a long time and suddenly we were back together. Had this been her plan all along?


Louise had called my office and Yonis had taken a message. Yonis told me that when she had spoken with Louise, she had told Louise I no longer called the people who worked for me "employees." I recalled that I had said something to that effect, that I was going to call them "assistants." I wondered if Louise had misunderstood.


Louise and I had remarried. I was alone, thinking about how I was now married to two women. I had known when I married Louise that having two wives was against the law, that I was committing bigamy. It hadn't bothered me at first, but now I realized I had committed a serious mistake: bigamy was a felony, and the authorities would probably arrest me. Too many people knew about the marriages; and someone would probably turn me in. The authorities might even have records which listed married people by names. When they saw the same name of someone married twice, especially if the same person was living at the same address, they would probably begin investigating. I had been so careful not to break any laws, and now I had committed a felony. How could I have been so stupid?

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