Dream of: 27 August 1993 "Planted Storks"

I was in one of the fields behind the Gallia County Farmhouse. I had planned to dig up some small trees so I could transplant them somewhere else. But instead of trees, I found 30-40 small white storks planted in the field. The storks all had their feet buried in the earth so they couldn't move from where they were. I walked over to a small stork and began petting it. It was extremely soft and I loved its feel. I walked to another larger one and pet it. It made an attempt to peck me, but then calmed down and let me pet it.

I was concerned about digging up the storks because I was unsure they would be able to walk. Their feet would be tender from being buried. I wonder if they were buried because their legs were so spindly and it took them a while for their feet to develop.

I remember that once before I had seen some storks planted in this way, but that they had disappeared. That was one reason why I thought these must be dug up and cared for. Plus I knew that this section of land was next to the creek and often flooded. If the creek flooded while the storks were here, they would all die.

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