Dream of: 26 August 1993 (2) "Slippery Bridge"

After returning to The Ohio State University where I intended to take graduate courses in English. I walked into a large room and among the people milling about, I encountered my old friend Weinstein, who had already been studying at the university a while. I talked to him for a few moments, then moved on.

I was happy I would be studying at the university and I thought I would learn much. I was also so happy I wasn't practicing law anymore. However, I thought I was somewhat set apart from the others there because I did have more experience and at least I had practiced law for a while. I also had a degree in law, which these other people did not.

Most of the other people in the room were probably in their 20s. I felt more advanced than they, but I was definitely glad to be there with them.

I noticed one thin woman (about 25 years old, but she looked even younger) sitting on a couch and I recognized her as someone with whom I had attended high school. She had short black hair and her last name was "Campbell." Since I didn't know anyone else there except Weinstein, I walked up to her and asked her if she recognized me. She looked at me closely, but she didn't seem to recognize me. When Weinstein walked toward me again, however, she seemed to begin to recognize me, but not quite.

Wittenburg also turned up in the room. He walked toward me and acted quite friendly, but I couldn't quite remember his first name. I thought his name might be "Steve."


Weinstein and I were walking across a flat bridge, when I stooped and looked down from the bridge to the water, which looked very dirty. The bridge slanted there, and I suddenly realized I was just about to slip into the dirty water. I was able to gradually back up, but Weinstein couldn't stop himself -- he kept sliding and finally fell into the water. He quickly managed to climb back onto the bridge and he hollered to me to bring him some towels. A stack of clean towels was sitting on the bridge. I grabbed a couple and threw them to Weinstein. One towel was red. I hoped he would be able to clean himself off and I hoped he wasn't injured.

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