Dream of: 26 August 1993 "Stampede"

I awoke about 5 a.m. I had been sleeping outside, with some other people, scattered around in different spots, in a strange place, probably somewhere near the ocean. It was still dark outside. My father, who had been sleeping near me, awoke at the same time. He and I stood up and began walking around the area.

We were walking on a street, and on the other side of the street I could see some large objects lying in rows, but we couldn't figure out what they were. They seemed to be some kind of large gray animal, like a shark, about the size of a human only much fatter. I could definitely see a large fin sticking out of the animals, but they looked fatter than a shark should be. My father and I talked about the animals. I thought they seemed to have come up on land during the night to sleep here. I figured they would return to the sea when the sun rose.

I felt as if we should leave and my father and I started walking away. Suddenly we heard some sounds and we realized the animals were waking up. When we heard what sounded like a stampede, my father and I quickly dashed into an old barn. We began to hear people screaming and we realized the animals were stampeding over the people who had been lying out there -- some were even relatives of ours.

The barn was dark inside and I couldn't see anything. I wanted to climb up one of the walls of the barn, up high, in case the animals came into the barn, because one end of the barn was open. My father, however, didn't want to climb up.

Suddenly I heard a sound at the end of the barn and I thought one of the animals was trying to enter. When I looked, however, I didn't see anything coming in. I noticed a pile of hay in one corner of the barn and I thought I might be able to sleep in the hay later once the commotion stopped. But I doubted I would be able to sleep -- I would first have to check about the people outside who were being injured by the animals.

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