Dream of: 25 August 1993 "Savings Accounts"

I had bought a fairly large house and a heavy-set man (probably in his mid 50s) was spending the night with me in the house. He might have been a judge. I told him he could sleep on the floor in the dining room, where there was a large dining table. I gave him a cover and I went to bed.

The next morning I awoke and looked outside through a window at the headboard of my bed. A picket fence enclosed the back yard. I could hear some people talking in the yard on the other side of the fence where I could barely see a pool and a small girl (about 5 years old) in a two-piece pink bathing suit in the pool. I thought I also saw another child in the pool. It was interesting because I had never lived anywhere where I could look into another person's yard.

A woman dressed in white (about 30 years old) walked around to the girl and took her to the other side of the house. In another house next door I could see another woman sitting outside, also dressed in a two-piece bathing suit, black with white polka dots. I couldn't see her head, and I couldn't even see her body well.

Finally I stood up and went into the next room where the man was still lying on his back on the floor. He was awake and I asked him how he had slept. He indicated that he hadn't slept well. I thought perhaps I should have allowed him to go upstairs and sleep on one of the beds there. Although the beds were a bit bumpy, they probably would have been better than the floor.


I had left the house and was now in a car. I was driving and Louise was sitting in the front passenger seat. She was very friendly. We had only seen each other one time recently, but we had gotten along well together. As we talked, I thought about how I had always wondered how she was able to handle so many bankruptcy cases. I knew she had many more cases than I. I told her she must have a lot of help and she answered, "Damn right."

Gradually the conversation turned to finances. I thought she must have saved quite a bit of money. When I asked her, however, she indicated that she only had $150 in savings. I was surprised because I would have thought she would have had much more. She wanted to know how much I had. I told her the house was paid off, and it was probably worth $80,000. I told her I also had $26,000 in stock and about $20,000 in savings. It didn't sound like a lot of money, but it was at least something. Apparently she didn't have anything.

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