Dream of: 21 August 1993 "Beautiful Mirror"

I had arrived at an auction in a building which looked like a warehouse with several large rooms in it. I had previously attended an auction in this building with my father at which I had bought several items. I hoped this auction would be a good one. I walked through the stacks of auction items. Lots of furniture. Many boxes of video cassettes; I would definitely be interested in those. Before I had come, I had thought about inviting Wheat, but I hadn't done so. He had been supposed to go with me to another auction earlier that morning, but he hadn't gone.

The auction was just about to begin; I hadn't yet signed in and hadn't received my auction number. Just as I started to go to another room to register, the auctioneer began selling some things. He pointed out about ten pieces of furniture along one wall of the room and asked if anyone were interested in bidding on anything. I wasn't interested in much there except one large mirror. It was a rectangular mirror, taller and wider than me. It was encased in a light-brown, carved frame, and stood alone on some supports. As I walked walk back to another room to register, I thought the mirror would probably be sold by the time I returned.

In the back room I called out to see if anyone were here. Finally someone answered and I walked up to a cluttered counter. A young fellow who looked as if he might be retarded was behind the counter. I saw the register book and began writing my name. I also pulled out my billfold and showed him my driver's license. The plastic on the license was cracked like a piece of glass right where my face was. A woman behind the counter asked me to write my address on a separate register. I wrote my name on the first register, but misspelled my last name, putting down only one "l" instead of two. On the second register I wrote my name, again putting only one "l." As I picked my license back up, I realized I hadn't put down my address; but I was in a hurry, and since no one said anything, I didn't bother to write the address down.

Before I walked off, I noticed some record albums lying on the counter. I quickly looked through them and picked out a couple in which I was interested. I was unsure they were part of the auction, but since no one seemed concerned, I carried them off with me. I would put them with a stack of other record albums I had seen in the auction room. Maybe then I would buy the whole stack and these two would be in the stack.


I had sat down in the front row of seats in the auction room. The auctioneer and his assistant were still selling the furniture which they had been selling when I had left to register. It appeared the mirror was still for sale. They indicated that if no one had any interest in the items, they were going to move on to something else. They said something unclear about the mirror; it appeared they were asking for bids on it. I might go up to as much as $200. I raised one finger in the air to indicate that I was bidding $100; but the assistant seemed to scorn my bid as if it were too little. Then I heard someone bid $300. The auctioneer asked for a bid of $320. The mirror was beautiful, but I didn't think I wanted to bid that high for it.

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