Dream of: 18 August 1993 (2) "Wolf Attack"

I was walking out in the country. Snow covered the ground and it was very cold. A few small houses were nearby and I was headed toward one.

I knew a pack of wolves lived in this area, but I wasn't afraid of them and they didn't concern me. When I reached the small white cottage which I planned to enter, Carolina was standing outside waiting for me. Also nearby on the ground were four small baby wolves. Just as I reached Carolina, a large wolf also stepped up and the baby wolves ran to the large wolf.

I hurried to Carolina, thinking I needed to try to retrieve the baby wolves from the big wolf. I called to them and they all came running back to me. I intended to gather them together, but the big wolf suddenly started attacking Carolina.

I turned my attention from the baby wolves and saw some big sticks on the porch. I immediately knew the sticks had been placed there for emergencies like this to beat off the wolves. I picked up one of the sticks, intending to beat off the big wolf with it. Just as I started hitting the big wolf, a second wolf showed up. Then a third wolf appeared and the three of them began attacking Carolina and me from different sides.

Now I was becoming concerned about whether I would actually be able to fight off the wolves. I could see another house behind this one, and I wasn't sure, but I thought I could see someone back there who might help me.

As I continued fighting the wolves, my sister came running down the road toward us. Suddenly a big wolf attacked her and pulled her to the ground. She was dressed all in white and the wolf was pulling on her white pants as she tried to beat it off. I managed to reach her and I knocked the wolf off and onto the ground. As the wolf lay on its back on the ground, it seemed to take the form of a person. I took my stick (which now seemed more like a stake),  and stabbed the wolf first in one eye and then in the other eye. Obviously I had blinded the wolf, and perhaps I had even killed it. At least it couldn't hurt us now. I thought I would pick it up and throw it over a wire fence beside the road. I could return to the wolf later. At least now the three of us should be able to escape into the house and wait it out. The wolves were definitely stronger than I had anticipated.

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