Dream of: 15 August 1993 "Presidential Candidate"

I was driving a car; another person was sitting in the front seat. Up ahead I could see a coliseum, and I suddenly remembered a presidential candidate was supposed to give a speech there at noon today. I decided I wanted to go. Looking at my watch, I saw it was already almost one o'clock, but I could see the stage from where I was, and the candidate hadn't yet arrived.

I pulled the car in. It was raining outside. I saw a place where we could jump out of the car without getting wet and I pulled in there.


I was sitting inside the coliseum at a seat. Melanie was sitting to my right and another woman whom I recognized was sitting up front. I talked a little with Melanie. We both had portable phones with us. We talked about how when we had bought the phones we had been told we would be able to call metro numbers in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area without paying long distance charges. Now, however, we were being charged long distance for calling metro numbers. I didn't like it and I suggested we might even sue the phone company. I mentioned to Melanie that such a suit would be a great class action for her husband, Wheat.


Some commotion broke out in front of the stage -- apparently the candidate was going to be even later still. An announcer asked if anyone in the audience wanted to make a speech in the meantime. I thought if Wheat were here, he would probably want to make one. Finally, someone said Michael Wiss (a Dallas attorney) was going to speak. I told Melanie I couldn't stand to hear Michael Wiss speak. I wished someone else besides him were speaking.

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