Dream of: 12 August 1993 (3) "White Hair Blowing"

As I was riding with two or three other people in the back bed of a pickup truck, one of them almost fell off. We continued riding along a thoroughfare through a city, going pretty fast. I was sitting close to the back of the truck. Sitting next to me was a frail-looking woman (80-90 years old ) dressed in white. As the truck was zooming along, she suddenly stood up and acted as if she were going to step off the back of the truck. I didn't know what to do, as she actually stepped off the back of the speeding truck. I was aghast as I watched her body bounce along the road, with her white hair blowing. It looked as if she were smashed to pieces. Obviously she must be dead, and nobody on the truck knew what to do. The driver looked back, and I moved my finger around, indicating he should turn around and go back. But he didn't; he just kept on going.


The truck (which performed the same type of service as a bus) continued on until we reached our destination, a small building. As we all got off the truck and walked into the building, I was still wondering what would happen to the body of the old woman who had fallen off the truck. I spoke about it to another woman, but she didn't seem interested. I spoke to another man who likewise didn't seem to care. Finally I picked up a phone and called a couple people, but no one was interested in going back to retrieve the woman's body. I became a bit angry with the last person with whom I spoke, and I told him I might sue him for negligence for the death of the woman. I realized, however, that I didn't have any grounds to sue anyone -- I didn't even know the woman. Nevertheless, I had become quite upset about the matter.

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