Dream of: 12 August 1993 (2) "In The Bathroom"

I was in a house which seemed like the House in Patriot. Louise, who lived nearby, had come to visit me for some reason. She was quite nice, and I was surprised to see her. She sat down at a desk in the living room, and while she was there, I walked back into the bathroom.

It was evening and I was going to get ready to go out. I began changing my clothes; I put on a pair of women's panties and a pair of hose. I stepped out of the bathroom for a moment, then stepped back in. I changed the panties for a pair of see-through panties. I took off the hose and laid them in a sink, where a bra was already lying.

A woman (probably in her mid 30s) stepped up to the door of the bathroom and walked in. She had blonde hair and was fairly attractive, although a little heavy set. I recognized her -- she was either a lawyer, or had attended law school with me. As she walked into the bathroom, I stood dressed in only a pair of see-through panties. She appeared to be quite interested in me. I couldn't remember whether her name was Joyce or Karen. After she had walked in, we sat down next to each other and I soon started to have an erection. Only slowly did I realize the woman was completely naked. I looked down at my penis and muttered, "Boy this thing's starting to grow."

My penis was standing straight up. The woman bent over, pulled my penis out of the panties, stuck it in her mouth and began performing fellatio on me. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I thought I might also perform cunnilingus on her; but I was unsure about how clean she was. I was uncertain I wanted to.

When the woman stopped and raised her head, I suddenly realized I had been having a dream and that I needed to record it. Determined to write the dream as soon as possible, I pulled on some clothes and walked out of the bathroom into the next room, filled with people. I circulated among them, trying to remember where a black Sony cassette recorder was. I finally remembered I had previously recorded a dream that night, and I had left the recorder in another room. I walked into the other room where I found the recorder. I picked it up and carried it back into the bathroom, so I could record the dream.

Just as I was about to start recording, someone came to the door. I went to the door and found a girl (15-16 years old) who was my sister (not my actual sister). She was slim and very attractive. She had long brown hair. When she walked into the bathroom, I told her she couldn't stay because I was about to record a dream. I didn't want to record the dream in front of her; I told her the dream was going to be a fairly vivid, sexually-oriented dream, and I didn't know if she could handle that. But she seemed to think she could, and she wanted to stay. Finally I acquiesced and told her she could stay.

By now the woman was sitting in the bathtub. I wanted to introduce her to my sister, but I still couldn't remember whether her name was Joyce or Karen; I hated to try to introduce her if I were unsure of her name. I could tell the woman wanted to know my sister's name, and I finally said to the woman, "This is Bobbie."

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