Dream of: 11 August 1993 "Condition Of Probation"

I was representing a man in a criminal case. He had been charged with skating too fast on roller skates. He, along with two other men, and I were in a mall, and we were all skating around the mall. I was talking with one of the other men about the case, which apparently was going to be tried in judge Schwille's court. I was trying to have a better understanding of the charges. In the course of the discussion, I learned that my client was already on probation for ten years for a previous conviction of a crime. His prior conviction complicated the matter, because I now realized his probation might be revoked. The man with whom I was talking seemed to think that Schwille might not revoke the probation; but I was sure that Schwille would revoke the probation.

One condition of the probation had apparently been that my client wouldn't skate around and cause anyone else to fall down; so I thought it was important to take note of how he was skating today, to see if he made anyone else fall down.

As we continued skating around the mall, I followed my client down an incline. I watched as my client rapidly brushed by another man (about 50 years old) also on skates. The man was about six feet tall and thin. The man thrashed his arms about in the air, almost falling down. But finally he regained his balance. My client sped off; I could see that the man was upset, but there was nothing he could do. I skated on toward my client, thinking that had been a close call. If the man had fallen down, that would have been enough to have revoked my client's probation; and even as it was it had been very close.

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