Dream of: 10 August 1993 (2) "Sexual Discrimination Case"

Wheat and I were in his office. I was thinking about a sexual discrimination case on which he was working. In the case, an employer had had a cake baked for one of his female employees. Part of the cake consisted of a large penis sticking up in the middle of the cake.

It seemed as if it was a good case. Wheat had recently lost some cases in trial, but I thought he had a good chance of winning this one. The case seemed so interesting, I might even want to help him work on it. However, I didn't know what kind of arrangements we could make. I would probably want about 25% of any settlement he might reach on the case.

I was also thinking the case was going to be tried before a jury. I would like to know more about jury cases and how to handle them. I might begin reading more cases dealing with the law of juries.

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