Dream of: 10 August 1993 "Visitation Rights"

I had come to realize that Louise had had a baby girl and that she had told me the child was mine. She had gotten pregnant by me, but then had married Vernon. I hadn't done anything about it and the child was now about 2 years old.

I was with my grandmother Leacy discussing the matter. I told my grandmother I was going to sue Louise to try to get visitation rights to visit the child every other week.

In the morning, my grandmother and I went to Louise's two-story, white frame house to see the child. I could see some lights on in the house and I wondered if Louise was inside. My grandmother walked inside and brought out the child – a pretty little girl. I petted the child's head and talked to her. I was uncertain whether to tell the child I was her father, but I had the feeling my grandmother had already said something about it.

I didn't want to spend much time here because I was afraid Louise would come out. After a few minutes I told my grandmother to take the child back inside. I walked up the street and waited on the corner. I could see some lights going on and off in the house. I was anxious to get the business over with.

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