Dream of: 09 August 1993 (2) "Frivolous Subjects"

I was in a room which appeared to be part of a library. As I looked over some books on a shelf, I thought how interesting it was that some people could spend their time working on such frivolous subjects and composing books on those subjects.

Some books on one wall caught my attention. One book showed some pictures of blue Iraqi sculptures on the cover. It was among a number of books about Iraq. I picked it up and glanced through it. I saw the letters of the Iraqi alphabet and remembered I used to be able to speak and read the language some. Here was an example of time being spent rather frivolously. I thought it would be enjoyable to begin working on learning the language again, but I really didn't have the time to do so.

Books were all around me. I climbed up a ladder to get a closer view of some books up over my head. They were law books. It seemed as if someone had spent a great deal of time writing volume after volume of law books on some obscure topic. I thought it could probably be condensed into some manageable form. It likewise seemed like a great waste of time.

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