Dream of: 09 August 1993 "Torture"

Carolina was sitting beside me, looking at a magazine with me which I was flipping through. It seemed as if we were in the House in Patriot. I came to a section of the magazine which had many small pictures on each page of two women who appeared to be doing exercises. As I turned the pages, I gradually realized one of the women was taking off her clothes and finally appeared completely naked. The naked woman was probably in her twenties and quite attractive. I looked more closely at the pictures and could see her breasts and pubic hairs. But I didn't dwell on them and kept turning the pages.

I came to a story in the magazine which I began reading. It was about a new way of interrogation being used by law enforcement authorities. As I read the story, it became so vivid that I was actually there and could see the scenes unfolding before me. I man probably in his twenties was being interrogated. At first he was simply asked questions. When he didn't respond, his head was held under water as two men held onto his arms. Finally a woman squeezed his chest to prevent him from breathing well. Still he didn't reveal the information which they wanted.

In the next scene a man had arrived whose wife was being tortured to reveal information. The man was trying to get a court order to stop this new means of interrogation. He was led by one of the authorities through a long hallway to the place of torture so he could see his wife. On the way, the authority talked about what was going on. Gradually the man began to suspect that something was wrong. He thought either they had already killed or mutilated his wife, such as cutting off her hands, or that they were going to torture him. Yet he also felt that his actions were going to put an end to the torture once and for all.

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