Dream of: 08 August 1993 (2) "Neck Twisting"

I was in a clean, well-lit room with Wheat and his wife, whom I gradually came to realize was Boley (a Dallas female attorney). Boley was sitting across from me at a table. I slowly recalled Boley was actually a lawyer, although it seemed she didn't practice law. I knew Wheat was now practicing some bankruptcy law, and I asked Boley if she was admitted to practice in the federal courts of the Northern District of Texas. She said she wasn't, but apparently she was going to become admitted.

I told Wheat I had an interesting question for him concerning bankruptcy law. I said the question had recently come to me, like many questions, by chance. By mistake I had been mailed an order from the bankruptcy court which should have gone to Collier, another attorney in Fort Worth. I had read the order and had seen something in it which had caught my attention. The order, which had already been signed by the judge, eliminated a lien which had been placed on the debtor's homestead. It was called a "lien avoidance." The lien had been for $333,000.

I had previously thought that in bankruptcy, a lien could only be avoided on personal property, not on real estate. I now remembered a section of the bankruptcy code which allowed liens on real estate to be avoided. This concerned me, because I hadn't been advising my clients that it might be possible to avoid liens on their homesteads, and I thought I might have committed malpractice by failing to give them proper legal advice.

I decided to pose a question to Wheat and Boley concerning the problem. I invented a scenario where a client came to the office and said he had gone to another attorney who had told him the lien on his house could have been avoided. The client then asked if that was correct. I put the answer in terms of four multiple choice answers, "a" through "d." The first answer was that that wasn't correct and the last one was that it was correct. I then asked Wheat which he would pick. I thought I was being quite clever by making it multiple choice.


I was riding in the front seat of a car with Wheat and Boley. Wheat was driving, Boley was in the passenger side and I was in the middle. I was thinking I might ask Boley to come and work for me. I was explaining some of the ways that she would have to deal with clients. One of those consisted in twisting the client's neck until it cracked. I told her to practice on me. She took my neck in her hands and began turning it to the right. My neck was very flexible from yoga exercises; I thought she would be amazed at how far she could turn it. She was surprised when she was able to turn my neck almost all the way around to the back, without it cracking. She wanted to stop, but I told her to continue. She twisted it around the other way, and when she did so, my lips brushed against her soft neck. I became a bit aroused. I could feel my lips were chapped and I wondered if that bothered her.

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