Dream of: 07 August 1993 "Stick-Insects"

Carolina and I were in the Gallia County Farmhouse, looking at plants growing in pots. We were trying to find a grasshopper-like insect in the plants so Carolina could feed it some food which she had. As we peered through the many plants, we noticed a small yellow bird in them. As we proceeded through some plants on the porch, I could hear the insect making some noise.

I finally saw two insects which reminded me of what I used to call stick- insects. They looked somewhat like praying mantises and were about six centimeters long. They were well camouflaged and could barely be seen. They were connected together and looked as if they were mating. They also looked as if they might have some ants hanging on them. I pointed them out to Carolina. They separated from each other and we kept looking at them; they were quite interesting.

After I had finished looking at the insects, I sat down and began thinking I was going to have return to Texas in two days, because I had a court hearing for a bankruptcy case which I had to attend in Abilene. The Internal Revenue Service had objected to the confirmation of one of my bankruptcy cases, and I was going to have to go the hearing.

I had never had a case in Abilene and was unfamiliar with the procedures there. I wished I didn't have to go; maybe I would call Alcorn and pay him $100 to go to Abilene and take care of it. But I thought I was going to have to go back myself.

My grandmother Mabel was also there, as well as Dixon (an attorney from Weatherford, Texas) who was living on the Farm. Finally I decided I wanted to go up to my Cabin. I had heard that my step-grandfather Clarence had made some kind of alcoholic beverage and had stored it in some containers in an underground compartment in a back room of the Cabin.

I didn't want to take Dixon up to the Cabin with me. Carolina and I walked outside, boarded a car and drove up a white gravel road toward the cabin. Suddenly I remembered that my father had also been in the Farmhouse and that he had wanted to go to the Cabin with us. I stopped the car and backed up. When I did so, the car backed so the front end was sticking straight up in the air and we looking straight up into the sky.

We sat here and hollered back to my father, who was coming. As I looked over at Carolina, I noticed that her hair was cut in an odd way. She said she was going to get it cut, but I told her it wasn't that important at the moment.

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