Dream of: 02 August 1993 "Extensive Root System"

I had gone to a house where my mother was living. Her yard was all grown up; I wanted to help her do some yard work. Another woman and some other people were already in the yard helping my mother work on it. My mother seemed in a good mood.

As I looked around the yard, I discovered a small, spindly oak tree about a meter high growing next to a dead tree stump. When I pulled the oak tree away from the stump so I could pull away some weeds around it, I realized the stump had been supporting it. The tree just fell over. I tried to put it back on the stump for support.

I found another smaller oak tree. I had previously pulled the grass from around it. The dirt around it was wet. I was surprised to see that someone had cut the tree off close to the ground. Even though it was smaller, it appeared older, with a rather extensive root system. My mother pointed out the woman who had cut the tree. I called her over and explained to her that that was an oak tree and that she should not have cut it. I hoped it would grow back, but was unsure whether it would.

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