Dream of: 01 August 1993 "Second Bankruptcy"

I was in an office in a building where Louise also had an office. As I was talking with one of my clients, other clients barged in on me. Louise stepped into the room. She was apparently looking for something, but I was uncertain why she was here. She quickly left.

I told the other clients I needed some privacy to speak with the client with whom I had been talking. Since the others wanted to speak with me, they walked over to some seats in the same room and sat down.

The woman (about 40 years old) with whom I was talking was a black. I was representing her in a bankruptcy case. This was the second time she had filed bankruptcy. She said she had been having financial problems and hadn't been able to make her payments while in the present bankruptcy.

She said that she was having some problems concerning her car, and that I had told her when she had filed her first bankruptcy that the bankruptcy protection didn't extend to her car. I stopped her and told her I was sure I would not have told her that if I had known she owned a car. I suggested that perhaps she had never told me that she owned a car.

I needed to pull the file on her first case to see if she had disclosed that she owned a car. I certainly wouldn't advise someone that bankruptcy protection didn't extend to the person's car.

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