Dream of: 31 July 1993 (3) "Security Agreement"

While I was on the Gallia County Farm, a drab woman (about 40 years old) and her children showed up. The woman told my grandmother Mabel she (the woman) had come to take an antique refrigerator which Mabel had here. The refrigerator was upstairs.


I was upstairs in the Farmhouse, watching the woman taking the refrigerator. She got it to the top of the stairs, lost control of it, and let it go tumbling down to the bottom of the stairs, where it crashed into the closed door. I went down and examined the door, damaged with a couple holes poked all the way through it. The woman also came down; I pointed out the damage to her. She seemed unconcerned, as if it made no difference to her.

As they continued their efforts to remove the refrigerator, I became upset, and told them they were not going to take it. The woman claimed my step-grandfather Clarence had sold her the refrigerator; but I didn't see any documentation, and I told her she wouldn't be able to take the refrigerator until I spoke with my father. I wanted to try to call him on the phone.

The woman was determined she was gong to take the refrigerator anyway. They managed to get the refrigerator outside, and as two of the woman's sons were trying to load it on a truck, I stopped them and told them they simply were not going to be able to take it. We got into an argument, and as a result they got into a car and took off.

When they left, they left behind a girl about three years old. During the commotion, it was unclear whether I had been somehow responsible for their leaving the girl behind. I was concerned they might try to say I had kidnapped the girl. At the same time, I was thinking of accusing them of abandoning the girl.

As I sat on the front porch, thinking about what had happened, I realized the area in front of the house was flooded. The water from Symmes Creek, down in front of the house, had risen all the way to just below the floor of the porch. It was quite unusual to see so much water in front of me.

I saw a police car coming down the road, plowing right through the water. I knew it had to do with the little girl and I thought, "Well this is looking serious."

After the police car showed up, the woman and her family also appeared. Soon the policeman and the family were all standing on the porch. A young attorney (about 30 years old) also appeared. He was representing the family. He was wearing a gray suit and glasses, and had black hair. He began waving around some papers.

We had a problem. He handed me a paper which was apparently supposed to be a security agreement. As I read it, I saw that it was obviously poorly worded, and that it even had misspelled words in it. I turned to the lawyer and said, "You didn't write this did you?"

He said, "No."

I tried to find Clarence's signature; but since the document was a security agreement, it only had the signature of the people who had given the security.

I tried to study in my mind exactly what had happened. I couldn't determine whether the people were making up the whole thing, or whether Clarence really had sold them the refrigerator, and they had given him a security interest in the refrigerator to assure that Clarence would get paid.

I asked the attorney for a bill of sale. He said he had it, and began looking through his papers.

Were they going to ask me about the little girl? I thought she was inside asleep on the couch; I would tell them that.

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