Dream of: 31 July 1993 (2) "Driverless Bulldozer"

My father was operating a bulldozer in a field where green grass about 30 centimeters tall was growing. My great-uncle Curt walked up. Curt seemed to think my father wasn't doing a proper job with the bulldozer. Curt asked my father to get off the bulldozer. My father did, and Curt climbed onto it. Curt began moving around in the field. He was tearing up the grass in the process, but no one seemed to care. Finally, Curt got off and my father climbed back on.

I was standing on a road on an embankment above the field. My father pulled the bulldozer up on the embankment close to me. As he started back down the embankment, I noticed a piece of wood about a meter long and a half meter wide was being pulled by a chain behind the bulldozer. I jumped on the piece of wood and sat down, intending to ride it down the hill. As I began riding down the hill, I realized now no one was on the bulldozer driving it; but I still thought it was going to be fun riding down the hill.

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