Dream of: 30 July 1993 (2) "Quite Insane"

I had driven to my old high school buddy Steven Buckner's house on Sherman Street in Portsmouth. I walked inside to look for Steve, but he wasn't there. Instead I found his mother, Helen Buckner. As I spoke to her, I was amazed because she looked 20 years younger than she should have, about 25 years old, even younger than I. She had blonde hair and was quite attractive.

Most remarkable, however, was that she seemed quite insane. After talking with her a while, I began to feel that she was quite unhappy there and that she would like to get out for a while. I suggested that she come and go out riding around with me for the evening. To my surprise she seemed as if she wanted to go.

I knew that her husband, James Buckner, was somewhere in the house which was divided into two parts with a patio in between the parts. Helen and I we were in the back part. When I walked into the middle patio area, I could hear music coming out of the open door to the front part of the house and I realized that James was in there. I hurried back to Helen and told her we needed to leave. I wanted to get out of there before James stopped us. I told her I would go to the car and get it started. When the phone rang and she answered it, I went on out to the car.

I boarded the car which was parked at the rear of the house and I pulled to the side of the house so Helen could just jump right in. I wondered what we would do that evening. I figured we would simply ride around until we found a party. I thought I would also look for Ellen. I could introduce Helen and Ellen. I would tell Ellen that Helen was Steve's mother. I thought the evening would be fun and interesting.

As I pulled up beside the house, I could see James (about 50 years old) walking around in a red shirt inside the house. I was afraid he was going to be upset. Just as I pulled up to the door, Helen was coming out, and James caught up to her. I sat up straight so James couldn't see my head, and I motioned to Helen to come on. She came on outside toward the door, still talking to James.

The car was on an incline and I couldn't stop the car from completely rolling. I kept pressing on the brakes, but I couldn't stop the car completely. As I kept drifting downwards, I saw a place on my right where I could pull into and stop. I thought Helen could get in the car there. I thought I also really needed to have the brakes fixed.

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