Dream of: 30 July 1993 "Buried Artifacts"

I was in the yard of a two-story white frame house somewhere in the country. I was going to be staying at the house for a while, even though someone else lived here. I had already started making improvements by taking down part of a chain link fence that had been haphazardly put up around part of the yard. I was planning to take down even more of the fence, but the woman who lived here told me she wanted the rest of it left up so her baby boy wouldn't stray away. Although I disagreed with leaving it up, I politely told her I would do as she wished.

I then walked around in back of the house and discovered the land extended for quite a ways through some rolling meadows. I thought how the whole area could be converted into a giant back yard, and I could even mow it on a riding lawn mower for about an hour each day.

Finally I came across an unpainted, weather-beaten shed, and saw a large hog coming in my direction. I quickly stepped out of its way, fearing it might try to attack me. But it walked on by without incident.

As I circled back toward the house, Carolina was walking with me. Other people in the area seemed to be digging for ancient artifacts. We walked up to one man just as he picked up a small round object about the size of a half dollar. Carolina took it from him to look at. It was made of clay, and appeared to be some kind of artifact, although not in particularly good condition. When it was time for us to move on, I perceived Carolina was going to try to keep the object, and I told her to give it back to the man. She reluctantly did so.

We kept walking and I could see other places where people had been excavating. It was clear that there were buried cement buildings and perhaps even some pyramids. I thought I would also like to do some digging to see what I could find.

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