Dream of: 25 July 1993 "Certain Death"

Carolina was riding beside me in the front seat of a car which I was driving in Gallia County. We were just about to pass by a bridge which looked like the Grant bridge over the Ohio River in Portsmouth, when Carolina told me to go onto the bridge, saying, "turn into that hole."

Through the fog, I could see a second bridge not far away. I had to cut the wheel sharply to get onto the bridge. I misjudged and ran off the edge. Somehow the car landed on some kind of platform just under the bridge. But to my shock, Carolina had fallen out of the car. It was a very long drop to the muddy, icy waters below. It looked as if there was also a railroad bridge below that she might land on. But to my horror I realized it was so far, the impact would surely kill her. She was falling feet first, looking down at the water below. I could hear an eerie cry coming from her. I was terrified as I watched her fall. I couldn't possibly reach her, and I thought of how horrified she must be as she plunged to certain death. I had always wondered what it would be like to be in a situation like that where I knew I was going to die and nothing could save me. Now I had to witness poor Carolina going through it, and I could do nothing.

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