Dream of: 24 July 1993 "Luxury Plane"

I was with a group of people waiting for a plane at an airport. All seemed connected with legal practice and I vaguely seemed to know most, although not well. Holladay (a female Dallas attorney) was the only person I really knew well enough to speak to.

We were standing outside and some of the people began boarding the plane. But then someone came up and said that there wasn't going to be enough room on the plane and that a second luxury plane would be transporting part of the group. I immediately decided to take the luxury plane and I backed out of the line. Several others and I then walked over to a platform where the luxury plane was expected to pull up. We sat down and waited.

Someone sat behind me and put their legs on either side of me. At first I thought the person was a woman, but then turned around and saw that it was a man whom I knew. I told him I had been just about to reach back and put my hand on his crotch because I had thought he was a woman. He seemed embarrassed and moved his legs.

A woman wearing a red pullover top had lain down right in front of me. I perused her slender body and well-defined breasts. I knew who she was, but I had never spoken with her. Finally I took a chance and began speaking with her. She answered in a friendly way and we began a conversation.

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