Dream of: 19 July 1993 "Divorce Law"

I was sitting in a class being taught by judge Abramson. Abramson was in the process of asking students for legal questions, which he then would answer. When he asked me, my questions had to do with an actual divorce case on which I was working. I told him some property needed to be divided, and also some children needed to be provided for. My question was whether it was possible to award all the property to the father, and award the children to the mother.

As Abramson began answering the question, I drifted off into a daydream. When I finally snapped out of it, I realized he had answered the question and I didn't know what he had said.

When it was over, I was alone in a room with a woman student and I asked her if she had heard Abramson's answer. She told me he had said it would be possible to award all the property to the father and the children to the mother. I was relieved to know the answer.


I was on a flat-bed trailer with several other students from the class and we were being pulled through a city street. Although the other students were sitting in chairs and seemed to be studying, I was lying on a blanket on my stomach. I was thinking about what kind of law I should be practicing. I was phasing out of bankruptcy law, and I pondered whether I should begin some other kind of practice. I might try divorce law. I had already learned a lot of divorce law just from practicing bankruptcy, and I thought the two areas should compliment each other. Or I might become involved in civil litigation. I likewise had learned quite a bit about that area, and I simply needed to be prepared to use the many different pleadings I knew about.

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