Dream of: 18 July 1993 "Roaches"

I awoke in a bed in Walls' bedroom in his home on Jackson Street in Portsmouth. After getting up, I realized Jeff Hurley had slept in the same bed with me that night. It was surprising that he hadn't bothered me, because the bed was small. Walls walked into the room and we began talking. I quickly learned that Jeff was a lawyer and that he was working out of the bedroom. Another woman lawyer was also using the bedroom as her office. On the wall was a sign which said that each of them charged $200 an hour for legal work. That seemed like a lot to me, for I only charged $150 an hour.

I told Walls I was planning to set up a law office in Portsmouth in my father's house. I told Walls that my father had moved a big two-story frame house from one location to a place near downtown, and that I was going to put a law office there. I asked Walls if he would help me and he seemed willing. I would probably pay him $10 an hour, although I figured he would work for $6 if I wanted; but I wanted him to be well paid so he would work hard.

I was still planning to keep my law practice in Texas, but I also wanted to work part time in Ohio. I knew other lawyers sometimes worked in two states, and I thought I would be able to do so, too. I might even persuade Hurley and the other woman lawyer to move into my office with me. I could have a room for them. I knew they didn't practice much law, and we might only charge them about $100 for rent. They then would be able to help me out when I had questions about Ohio law.

I also wanted to start having a good time while I was in Portsmouth, enjoying myself. I might start by buying some marijuana. Maybe I would contact Dykes or Sussie (female acquaintances from Portsmouth). They should be able to help me find some pot. Seeing people whom I hadn't seen in a long time would be interesting. I was going to start having some fun.


My father and I were leaving the Gay Street House. He pointed to the other side of the street and said his car was parked there; we headed toward it.


My father and I had arrived at a rental house he owned. He said he was having problems with roaches going from one part of the house where one renter lived, to the other part where another renter lived. He was trying to figure out how to combat the roaches. I thought he should be able to easily buy a spray to exterminate the roaches, but he began describing ways of reconstructing the house to exterminate the roaches. That seemed unnecessary to me.


My father and I were in one of his houses; we sat down. I saw some women in the next room and one of them came toward us. My step-aunt Lou lived in the house and my father told me it was she who was coming to greet us. I was surprised by how good she looked. She was about 40 years old, had a nice figure, and was in good health. She was wearing a comely yellow dress and smiled when she saw me. When she reached me I told her I hadn't recognized her at first.

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