Dream of: 17 July 1993 (5) "Submissive Bears"

I was sitting outside a country house, talking on the phone with Jon. Jon was clearly beset by financial problems and needed a job. I suggested a bank which I thought was hiring. I advised Jon that if he worked there, he would probably meet many people with legal problems for whom he might be able to work.

Suddenly in the green field next to me, only about 10 meters away, appeared two black bears. Completely surprised, I hollered out, "Bear!" I told Jon to hang on while I called to my father who was in the house. In a state of utter excitement, I was somewhat afraid the bears would attack me; at the same time, I was also concerned someone might try to shoot the bears.

By the time my father heard me and came out, more black bears had appeared until there was a total of five. They scampered around the yard, coming ever closer to me. As a couple bears approached me – crawling in a submissive position with their bellies on the ground – I wondered if I should try to pet them. Two of them finally came right up next to me and allowed me to pet them. I had never seen black bears that close before – I wanted to protect them.

I spoke to Jon again. I asked him if he needed money right now. He plaintively said he needed $400. I thought to myself that I would lend him the money; I told him it wouldn't be a problem.

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