Dream of: 17 July 1993 (4) "Worthless"

Louise and I were walking around in a building where small booths had been set up where people were selling things like in a flea market. I saw an old black fan and picked it up to examine. Then I realized it was actually a heater, with a heating device on the front and a fan to blow the hot air out. I put it back down.

As we proceeded along, I bought a few small items and put them in a box which I was carrying. Finally we came to a stand and Louise asked me why I didn't try to sell what I had bought to see if I could get my money back. I set my box down on a table on the stand, and I walked on. I slipped behind a wall and hid, while Louise talked to the person in the booth about buying the things I had. Finally I heard Louise call my name and I stepped out in the open. Louise had a look of derision on her face as she told me the things I had bought were worthless. I was thinking to myself they might be worthless now, but in 50 years they would be valuable.

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