Dream of: 16 July 1993 "Round Robin"

I had recently moved into the county onto a farm, and I was in the process of repairing some old weather-boarding on the barn. The boards had come loose in some places and I was pounding the nails back in with a hammer. I noticed some of the nails were square and concluded they must have been very old.


I was in a small room inside the farmhouse. I had a small radio transmitter, and was trying to reach someone I knew nearby. I wanted to tell the person that some men had come to the farm and were threatening me and the other people here, and to come and help us. The code name of the man I was trying to reach was "Round Robin." I turned on the transmitter and said, "Round Robin. Round Robin. Can you hear me?"

A voice quickly answered and I told him our problem. He said he would be there quickly.

Just as we finished, a blond-haired fellow (about 20 years old) walked into the room. he was one of the people who had come to bother us. He grabbed my transmitter from the floor. I became enraged and told him I would kill him if he hurt the transmitter. I then began imagining what it would be like to hit him over and over in the face, and finally kick him between the legs.

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