Dream of: 12 July 1993 "Theater Director"

I was on the set of a play, talking to the man in charge of producing it. The stage was divided into several different rooms, and speakers were placed in each room. I knew some dinosaurs were supposed to appear in one scene of the play, entering the stage from one side. I suggested to the man in charge that the speakers be modified so the one on the side where the dinosaurs were coming would have a high volume, the one in the middle a middle volume and the one on the opposite side a low volume. I thought this would more accurately reflect the actual sound that should be coming from the dinosaurs. The man didn't seem to put much importance on what I said. He indicated he didn't have the expertise to do that, and said no more.


I was at a theater in Portsmouth where a play was taking place. I had been thinking about moving back to Portsmouth and directing some amateur theater. I was thinking about how hard I would make everybody work. I would assume that if they were in the play, that theater was very important for them, and that they therefore should be willing to work hard.

A play was being performed at the moment, but it was interrupted, apparently because of some technical problem. Two men with musical instruments were brought on the stage to play music while the problem was being resolved. One was Anderson. The two began playing and singing, but they couldn't seem to play well together. However I did hear Anderson trying to sing. It was rather pathetic.

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