Dream of: 11 July 1993 (2) "Irresistible"

I was sitting at a desk, trying to finish up some legal work. I was in a rather large room filled with other desks with people working at them. Louise was also in the room, working at a desk a few desks behind me. I was interested in what she was doing. When she rose and walked in my direction, I didn't say anything, but stayed aware of where she was. She walked around, apparently going to the bathroom. Finally she walked toward me so I was looking right at her. I didn't think she would speak, and was surprised when she hesitated, stopped and asked me how I was doing.

I immediately began telling her that I was working on a project which had to be filed the following day. As I talked, I thought to myself that I hoped she didn't think I was working all alone these days. It was true that I only had one employee, but he was a very important person. He was the person directly under the solicitor general of the United States. He had just started working for me, and had an office on the second floor of the building we were in.

I was surprised by how friendly Louise was. We talked for a few minutes and finally she said good-bye and walked on. A man sitting next to me said something about how gaudily she was dressed. I hadn't noticed anything like that and had thought she looked quite attractive. She kept looking back, and when she walked into a hallway, I could still see her reflection on a mirror as she looked back at me. She had a smile on her face when she also saw me. I wished she would motion for me to come to her. I thought to myself how I could never seem to resist her; I wouldn't be able to resist even now. It seemed that I was now committed to someone else; but my commitment wouldn't matter if Louise were to call me.

She disappeared and I realized she had gone into another room. Should I should follow her? Finally I stood and walked to the rear of the room. My mother was sitting there at a desk at the entrance and I had to walk past her. After I had walked into the next room, I realized I was in the gigantic lobby of the Loews Anatole Hotel in Dallas. I was conscious of wearing a white shirt with vertical green stripes.

As I searched for Louise with my eyes, I recalled how when we had divorced, we hadn't lied about anything in getting the divorce. Everything had gone very smoothly. At least through everything she should be able to trust me.

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