Dream of: 08 July 1993 "Smoking Pipes"

I was in a court yard where several people were gathered under a tree. On the ground was spread a large collection of smoking pipes. The people were waiting for a plane to fly overhead and drop an old pipe. Everybody wanted to see if the pipe would land here in the courtyard.

Suddenly we all heard a big crash, and we were told the pipe had been dropped and had landed right in the courtyard. However, the pipe had been completely destroyed so not even a piece remained.

I looked around for pieces, but I couldn't find any. That made me suspicious of whether the pipe had actually landed here. It began to seem highly improbable to me that a plane flying overhead could be so accurate as to drop a pipe right here. I thought it would be difficult to see the block where we were, let alone the courtyard.

I walked into a room beside the courtyard and saw some wires covered with duct tape. I began to suspect that the sound we had heard was a recording, and that no pipe had been dropped at all.

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