Dream of: 04 July 1993 "God Seeking Retribution"

As my Dallas attorney friend Wheat and I left work together, I learned that his wife had gone somewhere for the evening and that he was alone. Since my wife Carolina had also gone out (something she rarely did), I likewise was by myself. When I suggested that Wheat and I go somewhere together, he agreed. As we walked down the street, I suddenly remembered I had quite a bit of money in my coat pocket, about six thousand dollars, all the money I had in the world. If I lost it, I would be in a terrible fix. I decided it would be more prudent to first return to my office and cache the money there.

As soon as I had left Wheat and turned back toward my office, five or six black men lurking nearby abruptly surrounded me. They seemed antagonistic and it appeared certain that they were going to try to rob me. Nevertheless, I was able to pass through them unscathed and return to the office building without incident. Once inside the building, I walked down a dark hallway, planning to walk upstairs and look for a place to hide the money. But this hallway was so dark, if someone were going to rob me, this would be the perfect place to do it.

I ended up in a large room filled with people sitting at desks. In the front of the room were several men sitting in an elevated area from which they could look out on the others. Most people seemed quite busy. I had earlier been talking to someone about this place, which I identified as the headquarters of the Chrysler Credit Corporation, which I also referred to as Commercial Credit. Since so much activity permeated the room, I thought this headquarters must cover several states. I thought about how I had often filed bankruptcy cases for debtors who had listed Chrysler as a creditor; but apparently no one here was bothered by the fact that I had represented clients against Chrysler.

After I left the room, Carolina was riding with me in a car which I was driving. I pulled into a parking lot which overlooked a wide flooded river. I was astounded at just how high the water was. I wanted to sit here for a while and look at it.

Late at night, I ended up with with a group of people in a building. Feeling intoxicated from something, I was in a jocund mood. I had already eaten some food which some people were selling and I commented how I had already met the "taco girl" and how I now I wanted some breakfast and how I was ready for the "pancake girl."

When I noticed some activity outside the building, I stepped out onto a verandah where other people were gathered. A river was down below. But all the people on the verandah were starring up at the sky. When I saw how cloudy the heavens were, I said, "Wow, it's really scary out here."

As I also starred at the sky, it became darker and darker. I heard a strange noise, like nothing I had ever heard before – somewhat like static over a radio or television turned up very loud. Suddenly flashes of light began spraying across the sky from left to right. At first the sporadic flashes resembled lightening, but then the spasms of light began to look like bunches of electricity, like little dots of light rapidly surging in groups across the sky.

The alarming part was the unremitting noise – the discordant sound was so intense, it was beginning to hurt. At one point I heard a loud boom which sounded like thunder. Although I clamped my hands over my ears, I could still hear the incessant noise. Becoming alarmed, I began to think God was seeking retribution on man for something. I hoped the noise would soon stop; if the noise continued, everyone would soon go crazy. If the noise persisted, the Christians would soon group together and begin marching through the streets. I certainly wasn't a Christian, and I wouldn't be marching through the streets. I just wanted the noise to stop so I could regroup my thoughts and try to figure out what it meant.

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