Dream of: 03 July 1993 (3) "Valuable Lesson"

I was sitting in a room with several other people. I had been waiting for something, but as I saw other people leaving, I became weary of my wait and decided to leave also. Leaving right ahead of me was a thin, black-haired, Hispanic fellow (about 30 years old). I hoped he didn't think I was leaving just because he was. I noticed he was wearing a red belt made of tiny red beads. I liked the looks of it and reflected I had thought of getting something like that for myself.

When I walked outside, I was standing at the top of a stairs consisting of white stone steps. Below me was a city street with people and traffic in it. I suddenly decided I would do something to impress the others, especially the Hispanic fellow. I hadn't flown in a long time and decided now was the time. I thought about it for a moment, trying to remember how I used to do it, then began slowly floating out over the street. It felt great, and I thought the people around me would be accordingly impressed. But as I looked down on them from above, I perceived no one was paying any attention to me. I circled around them, but still no response.

Suddenly I realized that it wasn't actually possible to fly like this, and that the only time I ever did it was in my dreams. Realizing I must be dreaming, I awoke. I was a bit disappointed to be awake, because I had been enjoying myself. But I reflected I had learned a valuable lesson. I had been wanting to have lucid dreams. Now I saw one way of doing it. Every time I found myself flying, I would know I had to be dreaming. The next time it happened, I wouldn't wake up but continue both the flying and the dream. Then I would know I was dreaming.

As I thought about it, I tried to imagine again what it would be like to be dreaming and flying. I soon began having the sensation of flying again, and I tried to concentrate on not awakening, because I thought I must be dreaming.

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