Dream of: 03 July 1993 (2) "Mowing Grass"

A fellow who seemed somewhat like Wheat (a Dallas attorney with whom I had become friends) was living in a house next to me. It seemed as if we were sharing the two houses. I came home one day to find he had been mowing the grass in front of one of the houses. That surprised me since we had let the grass grow for a long time and it had been quite tall. Seeing that he had started, I decided to help.

Tall grass was still standing in the area he had already gone over, so I found another lawn mower and began going over it. I soon discovered part of the grass was long, tall, spindly plants that looked like cacti. I began running the lawn mower over them without much trouble. As Wheat continued cutting on the grass next door, I soon had finished with the cacti.


As I kept mowing, I soon realized I was no longer outside, but was inside running a sweeping device over a blanket on a bed. I was getting the blanket clean, but I was also messing it up so it wasn't spread evenly.

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