Dream of: 03 July 1993 "Potted Plant"

I was examining a plant which I had planted a long time ago in a large pot, about 30 centimeters in diameters and about 30 centimeters deep. The dirt had contacted from around the edge of the pot so there was a space which needed new dirt put in it. Carolina was with me, and I asked her to get me a shovel so I could get some dirt from a garden next to where I was. She quickly found some kind of digging device, and began getting the dirt for me.

I picked up the pot and moved it, and as I did so I thought I bent the stem. I quickly became worried and sat the pot down and looked at it more closely. It looked as if the plant might be damaged, but would probably survive. I looked more closely at the plant. It was only one long spindly stem about a meter tall. It did however have some buds on it and I anticipated that it would be blooming soon with beautiful flowers. Looking closer, I saw that there were actually two plants, and that the taller one was resting on the smaller one for support. I saw that if the taller one didn't have the support of the smaller one, it would break. I thought I might get some kind of stake a put next to the tall plant to hold it up.

Carolina brought me some dirt and I began packing it around the plant. I also scrapped back some dirt at the top of the plant and saw the thick tangled growth of roots underneath. I thought the plant needed some plant food. I knew I had some and thought I needed to put some on the plant, being careful not to damage the plant by allowing the plant food come in direct contact with the plant or its roots.

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