Dream of: 02 July 1993 (4) "Worthless Things"

Another person and I were wading in Symmes Creek, on the east side of the bridge in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse. Perhaps 100 meters from the bridge I was surprised to find a pile of rubber sandals which someone apparently had dumped here in a shallow part of the creek where there was practically no water. I examined the sandals. Some were blue, others were a mustard yellow. They were simply-made. At the front end of a flat rubber sole had been placed a strip which split in two and fastened on both sides of the sole about half way back. The strap was designed to fit between the big toe and the second toe.

At first I thought all the sandals were small, but after rummaging through them I found one yellow one which appeared to be my size. I tried it on and was surprised by how well it fit. I decided I needed to load up all the sandals and take them out of here. I could probably sell them. I might not make much, but surely they were worth something.

Close by was what appeared to be a blue, plastic baby carrier. I picked it up, examined it and saw it was in good shape. It was a nice plastic container about a meter long, a half meter wide, and a half meter deep. I decided I would also take that. Perhaps I could even load the sandals up in it.

Not far away was another pile of things. I walked toward the pile, having to cross over a section where water was running about a half meter deep. The sandals felt good and I thought how they could protect my feet now, allowing me to move more quickly.

I saw something on the ground and picked up a small piece of brass which appeared to have been broken off something. In itself it probably wasn't good for anything. I thought I might be able to use it in a collage. I liked finding worthless things and converting them into works of art. I wanted to do that as much as I could.

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