Dream of: 02 July 1993 (2) "Stone Document"

I was holding a document which I had filed in a court case. But the strange thing was that it was made of stone and not of paper. It was the same size as a piece of paper, except it was about a half centimeter thick. It appeared to be a marble-colored mixture of light-brown and ivory. As I tried to read it, I encountered a major problem. Right across the middle of the page were three large round holes, each about two centimeters in diameter, which had knocked out part of the writing. I thought the clerk probably had made the holes when the document had been filed.

I knew I had sent the document to another female attorney on the opposing side, and I wondered how she would react to the document. I thought I would need to tell her that it wasn't my custom to make my documents out of stone that way, but that this one had been an experiment. I didn't intend to do it in the future.

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