Dream of: 30 June 1993 "A Bad Deal"

Needing a car, I went to a car dealership and purchased one. I paid over $8,000 by check for a 1989 white Sprint. When the salesman told me how much the car cost, I didn't try to haggle for a lower price and I didn't even look at the car. I just paid for it and he told me where it was parked.

I boarded another car with someone who was going to drive me around to the back lot where the Sprint was supposed to be parked. As we looked for it, I realized what a fool I had been to have bought the car without even seeing it. I didn't even know how many miles it had on it. I figured the car was probably in good condition and had simply been traded in on a new car; but I didn't know for sure. I might stop payment on the check I had written; but then I would probably be sued. I had really made a bad deal. My father would ask me how much I paid for it. I might tell him I had only paid $6,000.


I was in a car which my father was driving somewhere near the Gallia County Farm. Another woman was in the car and my father was telling her that she could use a car which he had acquired from my uncle Ronald when Ronald had died. I was disappointed that he was telling the woman that, because the car was in good condition and I would have liked to have used it.

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