Dream of: 29 June 1993 "Unwieldy Car"

I climbed into a car parked beside the House in Patriot. The car apparently belonged to my grandmother Leacy. I wanted to drive it across the street and I began trying to pull out. But I suddenly realized I couldn't control it. It seemed as if the tires simply turned whichever way they wanted. The car began backing up and I steered it as best I could. I pulled around behind the garage and starting pulling in on the other side of it. Up ahead of me I saw several tall plants with red flowers in the tops. But I couldn't stop the car and I rammed over them, knocking them all the way to the ground. I began pulling back out and saw the plants spring back up. Apparently I hadn't broken them. But now I had another problem. Right ahead of me was a large area of black mud. I plowed into it, uncertain I would be able to get through.

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