Dream of: 28 June 1993 "Title Insurance"

One of my bankruptcy clients, Ms. Jones (a black woman in her mid 30s who needed a wheelchair) was sleeping in a bed with me. She was having a serious problem paying her mortgage and she was about to be foreclosed on. I was thinking about buying her house and then selling it back to her, allowing her to pay the mortgage to me over a 10 year period. I thought I would make a provision in the mortgage that if she were more than 90 days late, I could foreclose on the house. But my main objective wasn't to foreclose on her, but to give her a chance to pay off her mortgage.

When I awoke, I was only wearing a tee shirt. I stood up out of bed so my penis was exposed. It was my intention to do so; being naked in front of her felt erotic. However I thought it best not to be overly ostentatious.

I thought about the details of the agreement between her and me. It would be best to get title insurance on the house; I wondered if we would have time to obtain title insurance, since the deal had to be consummated today. I could check with the title company on the first floor of the building where I worked to see if they could do it.

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