Dream of: 26 June 1993 (2) "Nature's Conquest Over Man"

I was sitting in a lotus position, trying to meditate, when I began thinking about Salvador Ibarra. I thought of how he had died, and how close I had felt to him. I thought how he was the only person I knew who seemed like a brother to me. That being so, I wondered if I should not have inquired into how his children were provided for after his death.

Carolina, who was in the room, broke my thoughts by pointing to a television and suggesting that I might want to concentrate on it. On the screen was a picture of a monument in Washington, at dusk, just when the lights of the monument had been turned on. I looked at it and thought it was the Jefferson Monument. I moved over to a couch, sat again in a lotus pose and looked at the screen. I had to adjust myself because at first I was on a slope.

I thought I might be able to meditate on the television screen because there wasn't sound, and apparently only images were going to be slowly shown.

The scene on the screen changed to a street in Washington. Many people were in the street, apparently for some kind of event or parade. The images were speeded up until they were going in fast motion, showing what had happened in the street that day. A bull had been loose in the street, and a cloud of dust rose around it as it chased the people, finally knocking one down. I seemed to recall hearing earlier of this incident. I recalled that a man had been gored, perhaps killed.

I thought to myself how I wouldn't be sorry for the man. In fact I would cheer for the bull. I even imagined to myself a picture of the bull raising its head up, holding the impaled body of a man on both its horns. It seemed a fitting symbol of nature's conquest over man.

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