Dream of: 24 June 1993 "A Bench In Mexico"

I was in a Mexican town where I had never been. Many people were walking the streets. After walking around awhile, I sat down on a bench in front of a building which abutted another building to form a secluded area. After sitting there awhile, I began thinking I might just move to that bench and begin living on it. I had wanted to come to Mexico and live for a long time. Now I had found a place I liked.

Although a few tourists were on the street, the town was basically undiscovered by tourists and retained its simple atmosphere. I reflected how Taos, New Mexico used to be simple like this, but now Taos was flooded with tourists. This place was still pristine.

I knew a place to ski was also in the nearby mountains. Although I didn't have much money, I thought I would have enough to afford to live on the bench. It was a long bench, about two or three meters long. It appeared someone else had stayed there before, but they had left.

I noticed a group of people to my left and I heard some music as if from a violin. I looked closer and saw a man playing a violin. I sat back, listened to the music, and thought how nice it was to be there.

The man playing the violin handed it to a woman. It appeared she was going to play it.

Up above my head a television was turned on. I wanted to turn it off, and I stood up on a small stool which apparently was there for that purpose. I looked up and down the streets at other people on benches, and I asked if anyone minded if I turned off the television. I pushed a couple buttons, finally found the right one and turned off the television. When no one said anything, I sat back down.

The woman began playing the violin, and I had the feeling everyone in the group knew how to play it. I thought that was nice and I liked hearing the music. I began imagining I might learn to sing. I could sit there and sing for an hour every day. It would be wonderful to sing and develop my voice. I thought how some people wrote music for movies, but I wanted to learn to sing stories. It would be nice to sit there and sing my stories.


I was walking around the town, thinking about my plans. Finally I walked to the outskirts of town, and soon found myself walking along a road through the mountains. The street, composed of hard packed dirt, was completely deserted. I was carrying a cane with me. After continuing for a couple kilometers or more, I finally decided to turn around and go back. It was already dark, although I did notice there were street lights to show people when they were getting close to the town.


I was talking to a woman who reminded me of my friend Kim (a woman a few years younger than I whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977). She told me she had traveled to Mexico to a town near Washington D.C., which was close to Mexico. She had liked the little town, and she said she was going to move there. I was disappointed, because I wanted her to move to the little town where I was going to move, but she said she really liked the town which she had found. I had never been to the town and I wondered whether any mountains were around it, but I didn't ask her. I just accepted what she said and I thought she would just have to go where she wanted.


I was talking on the phone with Drake. Drake had been one of my bankruptcy clients, but now he was one of my neighbors, living either over me or under me. He and some of his friends apparently had been in a wreck at a nearby motel. He wanted to know if I could come and get him, and I told him I would. I didn't want to go for him, but I decided to go since he was my neighbor. I told him I wasn't going to charge him anything for coming for him, but he stopped me, and said it was very strange that I wasn't going to charge him anything. I had done something for him once before, and I had charged him something, but I was thinking he was my neighbor now, and I wouldn't want a neighbor to charge me if I had to call for help. I told him I could charge him if I wanted to, but in this particular case I didn't want to, and he shouldn't be concerned about it.

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