Dream of: 22 June 1993 (3) "Old Pants"

My wife Carolina was inside a nearby house, while I was sitting in the backseat of a car, where I had just put on a different pair of pants. I thought I hadn't worn these pants in quite a while, and when I pulled something out of my picket, I realized in my hand I was holding a packet containing two condoms. I thought they might be handy to have. If I was with a woman, I would use one of them and not take a chance of catching a disease. I looked around for a place to hide the condoms. Next to the seat was a pull out ashtray. I tried to stick the condoms in it, but the ashtray was too small. Then I found a place near the door handle where I could stick them. I thought I could stick them there and retrieve them if I ever needed them.

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