Dream of: 22 June 1993 (2) "In The Tall Grass"

I was sitting in a classroom with about 30 other people who appeared to be taking a test. Suddenly about a half dozen Hispanic people walked into the room, and someone pointed me out to them. I quickly realized they wanted me to represent them in a bankruptcy case. They had gone for an appointment to the office of Louise and Vernon just down the hall. But Louise and Vernon hadn't been there, so everyone was being sent to other places. All the ones who spoke Spanish were being sent to me.

I told them I would meet them in the hall, which I called the "pasillo." After talking to them, I concluded that five of them wanted to file bankruptcy. I began setting appointments to see them the next day. I set one appointment for ten o'clock in the morning, then made a mistake and set another one for the same time. I changed it to eleven o'clock. I then began setting appointments for the next afternoon. Only one attractive Hispanic woman was left. She had brown hair and was probably in her late twenties.

She and I walked outside together into some tall grass over our heads. She seemed to want some privacy before talking to me about her case. I wondered what she would think if I made a pass at her here in the grass. I was beginning to think she might reciprocate.

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