Dream of: 22 June 1993 "A Building With Many Rooms"

I was in a building with many hallways and rooms. The building was somehow connected with bankruptcy. Louise and Vernon had something to do with the building; perhaps they owned it. I knew they were somewhere in the building and I didn't want to encounter them. I could hear them walking around, and I stayed in the small room where I was. Suddenly Louise walked into the room and saw me. I felt embarrassed for her to see me here. Vernon (only about 25 years old) then also stepped into the room.

I was lying on my back on a bed. I thought Vernon would be unhappy to see me here; but instead, he walked over to me, lay down on top of me and hugged me. I realized that he was trying to be as friendly as he could, and that he wanted to be friends with me. I felt happy and told him so. Perhaps now we could all be friends and talk together. Perhaps we could even practice law together. Instead of "Johnson and Johnson," the firm could be called "Collier, Johnson and Johnson."

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