Dream of: 20 June 1993 (2) "Doctor's Appointment"

My wife Carolina and I had gone to a doctor to see if I could have m vasectomy reversed so I could have children. We were sitting in a small room when Spicer (a Fort Worth attorney), who was the doctor, walked in. He first looked me over, and then began examining Carolina. He had her open he mouth and he looked at her teeth. He then checked on some lymph nodes on her neck at the back of her jaw bones. When he said it might be necessary to cut the nodes open, I asked him if he had ever done that. I knew he hadn't been a doctor long. He said he hadn't. I told him he had acted as if he had done many such operations. I said that sounded like a dangerous operation.

He then walked over to me and began examining my teeth, pressing hard on them. I thought my teeth might be in bad shape, but apparently they weren't. I told him I wasn't actually interested in having my vasectomy reversed; I was only there for Carolina's benefit to see if it was possible.

He began looking again at Carolina. They were both sitting in chairs facing each other. She had long black hair, was thin, and quite attractive. She looked about 20 years old and reminded me of my old girlfriend Birdie when she had been Carolina's age.

As Spicer continued looking at Carolina, he got so close to her that his mouth was almost touching her mouth. I thought he wanted to touch her and wondered what it would be like for me to watch them kissing. It might be rather erotic, but I was unsure I would like it.

I picked up a college catalog which had descriptions of college courses in it. The catalog also had a list of students, and said how much each student was paying to go to college. Spicer's name was at the top of the list. It said he had paid 74 cents for each course. It appeared that he had received a scholarship and had had to pay practically nothing. I looked at the page again, uncertain I had read his name right. It seemed strange that he was going to college, since I knew he had been an attorney, and then had become a doctor. That seemed rather remarkable.

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