Dream of: 12 June 1993 "Chili Sauce"

Carolina was sitting on a chair near me. Her mother Paz was also in the room. Carolina was wearing a pink top. I walked up to her and told her she was very sexy. I realized I hardly ever told her that. I slipped my hand inside her top and began feeling her breast. I told her she needed to start wearing some different clothes, and I thought it would be nice if she would begin wearing some low-cut tops which would enhance the look of her breasts and make her look even sexier.

I lay down on a table next to Carolina. She grabbed hold of my penis, and put it inside a hot dog bun, with chili sauce on it. With her mother standing there watching her, Carolina pulled back the bun so my entire penis was visible. It was erect and lying firm on my stomach. Carolina then stuck my penis into her mouth. I was especially aroused because Carolina was doing all this in front of her mother. Her mother was standing by the sink in the kitchen. I looked at Paz and asked her if she would like to try it. She responded, "No." But I had the feeling that even though she had said no, she was still interested.

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