Dream of: 10 June 1993 "Bazaar"

I was at a house where Mike Walls. Walls was upstairs (I could see the stairs), while I was sitting in the living room downstairs. His mother (who seemed like my mother) was sitting in the living room with me. As I began looking through some magazines, I realized some of the women pictured in the magazine seemed naked. One woman appeared to have a transparent scarf draped over her body; her vaginal hole was visible in her pubic regions. I was lying on the floor and became very aroused. My pants were pulled down and I had a visible erection. I wasn't concerned about Walls' mother seeing me; I even wanted her to see me. Finally I even drew her attention to me. I had the feeling that she was going to lie down on the floor with me and either masturbate me or perform fellatio on me. I picked up another magazine called "Bazaar" and began looking through it for more pictures of naked women. I found a picture of four young girls (all only 13-14 years old). Two of them were wearing transparent tops, and I focused my eyes to see if I could discern their nipples.

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